About Me

Hello, World 👋

I enjoy exploring the technology (both new and old) that powers our lives. That will be a focus on this blog - many posts will be about my experiences with technology, gaming, computers and whatever else pops into my attention.


I graduated with a B.T. in Computer Science in 2021 from CSU located around Charleston, SC.

Areas of Interest

Here’s a list of the things I like to mess around with in no particular order:

I wanted to share some of my thoughts and findings working with these technologies and doing projects as a way of documenting my journey through tech.


Much like natural language, programming languages are simply tools of the mind. If you think about text, letters, symbols - the alphabet. These concepts are used to represent abstract ideas in natural languages and programming languages are no different (albeit much more precise or verbose).

Here are the programming languages that I like to use:

Intermediate Level

These are the languages I tend to reach for first in order to solve problems.

Beginner Level

These are languages that I use less often, where I would consider myself a beginner. I have used these languages in smaller projects outside of class.

Classroom Experience Level

These are languages I have used primarily for classroom projects and learning purposes.

Tech I would like to learn and use in the future (for fun and profit)

Other hobbies

Other things I enjoy learning about include: history, art, psychology, physics, geometry and philosophy, not necessarily in that order.

PC Gaming

I do enjoy assembling high-end (or even budget) PCs and playing games as well. You can find me on the following platforms


Feel free to contact me through any of the methods below:


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